Museum to stay open for final Manx Airlines Flight

Last Manx Airlines flight departing, note BA liverySpectators will be able to see the final flights of the Manx Airlines fleet on August 31 2002 at a special event organised by the Manx Aviation Military Museum.

The museum, at Ronaldsway airport, has decided to stay open until the final flight touches down on the tarmac in the evening.

Barry Quilliam, MAMM events organiser, said: "People can see the last MA flights coming and going. We’re usually open the weekends from 10am until 4:30pm, but we’ll be staying open until the last flight has landed on Saturday, that’s usually the 8:40pm Gatwick flight."

"From our position it’s a perfect viewing point. People will be able to take photos or video the planes."

BA bought MA last year and in February announced its separate identity would be lost when its services are integrated into BA CitiExpress on September 1.

"As a piece of aviation history it’s important that it’s commemorated", said Barry.

There will be no charge to watch the planes.

Adults who want to visit the museum itself will be charged the usual price of £1 – children can enter for free.

The museum also boasts an exhibition of MA memorabilia. This will continue until the end of August, but it is hoped it will become permanent once the museum expansion has been completed.

Groups hoping to go on a private tour of the MAMM during the week should call Barry on 661124.

The above newspaper article appeared in the Isle of Man Courier, 1st August, 2002.