The Society organises lectures on topical themes:-

  • The first lecture was about the Dambusters Raid and was presented by the acknowledged expert Jim Shortland.
  • The second was a portrait of the early life and times of the pioneer aviator Sir Alan Cobham and presented by Cobham’s biographer, aviation historian Colin Cruddas FRAeS. With the lecture on Sir Cobham, there was a local connection in that he paid a fleeting visit to the IOM in 1929, as part of a UK tour. During his visit, which was designed to educate the public of the benefits of aviation, he took several local dignitaries and 65 schoolchildren aloft for short flights over the South of the Island.
  • A third lecture was held on the 9th May 2001, about the Gulf War and was presented by His Excellency, The Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man, Air Marshall Ian Macfadyen, MAPS President.

It is the Society’s intention to continue with such lectures in the future, using a local theme wherever possible.

The Society also organises visits to speak to school children.