About the Manx Aviation and Military Museum

The Manx Aviation Preservation Society (MAPS) was formed in 1994 and became an Isle of Man registered charity, number 827, in 2001. Its main objective is the operation of the Manx Aviation and Military Museum. In August 2022 the charity changed its name to The Manx Aviation and Military Museum.

The charity's trustees are Mr R A Burden, Mr J I Huxley, Wing Commander D Kelsey MLC, Mr T R P Liddiard, Mr N McGregor Edwards, Mr P D Morris, Mr D B Mylchreest, Mr P Pain, Mr D I G Ramsden MBE, Mr L R Stanway, Mr B J Tippett, Mr J R Tucker.

Many of our members volunteer their time to help with the operation of the museum, from staffing the reception and shop area to carrying out maintenance and development. There is a lot to do and we are always looking for new volunteers.

The Society's interests extend beyond civil and military aviation to include all the military history of the Island and its people in the twentieth and 21st centuries. 

Contact details are here: http://www.maps.org.im/contact-us