Burma Treasure

Andrew Burden, MAPS Treasurer, receives Roll of Honour from Fred Seaby, Burma Star Association Chairman The Burma Star Association has handed over a Roll of Honour detailing members' military services.

Association members presented the roll, produced by member James Fenton, to the Manx Aviation and Military Museum on Sunday.

Museum chairman John Huxley said: 'We are deeply honoured to be trusted with this Roll of Honour, which we will hold in our archive and make available to anyone who wishes to study it.

'These men were involved in a conflict on the other side of the world, but they were all lucky enough to have come home .'

The roll details most of the association's 29 members' military histories and includes a photo taken recently as well as one taken during wartime service.

Mr Huxley added: 'Local members of the Burma Star Association have been very supportive of our museum over the years and have given us some fascinating and unusual mementoes of their service in the Far East.'

It is hoped to develop displays on what is often referred to as 'the forgotten war' and any new items would be welcomed by the museum, which is open 10am to 4.30pm at weekends. Admission is free.

This article appeared in the Isle of Man Courier, October 12th 2005.