Motorcycle Museum

In late September 2005 we learned of the closure of Murray's Motorcycle Museum, a unique attraction at the Bungalow at a foot of Snaefell on the TT Course. Museum Director Ivor Ramsden remembered that he had seen a couple of aviation-related items there on a recent visit and made enquiries as to what might be available. Literally everything was for sale, and Peter Murray was good enough to collect all the aviation items together for him.

He bought everything including a Hythe Camera gun which is very similar in appearance to a Lewis gun and used for air gunnery training from 1916 to the mid-30s. This is an early example with a Royal Flying Corps stamp on the hand grip.

We have now bought an ammunition magazine and a set of replica sights for it. Peter Murray found the original swivel mounting so we now have a fully complete unit which is a very impressive exhibit dating from the First World War.