A memorial to the victims of B-17 "Combined Operations"

On the 67th anniversary of the crash of B-17G 42-37840 "Combined Operations" of the 306th Bomb Group of the United States Army Air Force a black granite memorial was dedicated in the presence of the family of one of the victims.

Eleven people died in the accident in which the aircraft inexplicably flew into a low hillside in the south of the Isle of Man on April 14th 1945. Ten were serving USAAF personnel whilst the eleventh was a female officer of the American Red Cross.



Below, from L to R, Adrian Tinkler of Rushen Parish Commissioners (the man who set things in motion), Lt Col L Najeeb Ahmed, United States Deputy Air Attache to the United Kingdom, Joie Vieille Felts, sister of the aircraft's pilot, Minister the Rev. Shirley Bench, Professor Sandy Lydon and kneeling, Annie Vieille Lydon, niece of the pilot.   

The second cousin of the co-pilot visited the crash site with his family whilst on holiday in London two weeks before the dedication.