Extract of Article 2 from the Constitution

The purpose of the Society shall be to act as a focal organisation for awareness and preservation of aviation and military history on the Island. The key interest areas to be covered include buildings, records, people, artefacts and relics, photographs, crash sites and literature.

The objects of the Society shall be:-

  1. to set up registers covering key interest areas.
  2. to interview survivors and eyewitnesses, and records.
  3. to campaign for the preservation and protection of aviation and military history.
  4. to raise funds for, and provide, a museum and archive of aviation and military historical material which shall be open for the use of the public for information, education and research.
  5. to raise funds towards permanent memorials, plaques and information points which will enhance public interest in aviation and military history.
  6. to publicise the results of the Society's activities on a self-financing basis.