Rough Landing

The articles which tell the sad tale of B17G 43-38856 M and the 31 American servicemen who lost their lives in the biggest aviation disaster on the Isle of Man were taken from the book "Rough Landing or Fatal Flight", A history of aircraft accidents on, over and around the Isle of Man, by Steve Poole.

This book can be purchased from local bookshops on the Isle of Man or by contacting the author (Telephone +44 (01624) 620956 or email (ISBN 1 901508 03).

"This book is the outcome of many years of detailed research into aircraft crashes on and around the Isle of Man. The number and nature of the crashes will surprise many, for others it will re-awaken old memories.

Through access to public and private records and statements of witnesses and survivors the author cross-references all the available data to build up as accurate an account as possible of each individual crash. The details cover the background of the aircraft and crew leading up to the crash and its aftermath. For the first time the true details are revealed of the hundreds of aircraft crashes that have occurred on the island, the author covers everything from Rough Landings to Fatal Flights.

Laid out in chronological order, from the end of the First World War up to recent times, and superbly illustrated with many period photographs, this is the untold story of aviation history on the Isle of Man."

Extract from the rear cover.